"A Culinary Gem"

Derived from the Papiamentu language spoken in Curacao, “Mondi” embodies the unexplored wilderness, while “Bistro” represents the cozy charm of French-style cuisine. Together, they form Mondi Bar & Bistro, a unique fusion of flavors and ambiance. The captivating addition to The College Hotel in Amsterdam cannot wait to welcome you.

Nestled within the stylish confines of The College Hotel, Mondi Bar & Bistro offers a delightful escape where Caribbean-inspired dishes meet classic French delicacies. From expertly crafted cocktails at the bar to delectable bites in the intimate bistro area, every moment at Mondi is an exploration of taste and sophistication.

Welcome to a world where the uncharted meets the familiar, creating a “gezellig” or cozy experience in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam’s busy city centre.