Bon bini na Mondi!

Here you can enjoy shared soul food in which Caribbean cuisine and culture is central.


The Chef

Embark on a culinary voyage guided by master chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur: Justin Niessen, as he weaves together the tapestry of his Curaçao roots with the vibrant influences of Caribbeans melting pot. A symphony of flavors unfolds, a harmonious fusion of Caribbean soul food with a twist, infused with the audacious spirit of the sun, sea and sand.

Let your taste buds dance to the rhythm of bold spices and delicate nuances, as each dish tells a story of sun-kissed shores and culinary creativity. 

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What does Mondi mean?

Mondi means unexplored, free wilderness in Papiamentu, the native language of Curaçao. Mondi is charecterized as a green area with diverse plants such as aloe vera, agave and dividivi. For us, Mondi stands for the undiscovered, the freedom to try new things and the bringing the Caribbean flavors to the Netherlands in a way no one has done before.

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What is 'Fawaka Dushi'?

What does ‘Fawaka Dushi’ mean? Fawaka means: “How’s it going” in Surinam. “Dushi” has a variety of meanings, such as: sweetheart, tasty, or good in Papiamentu – the native language of Curaçao –

Why the phrase? Well, the Mondi founders, Justin Niessen, and Mariska Nunes, originate from Curaçao and Surinam, respectively.

They combined ideas, cultures, and cuisine to create the concept Mondi. So, why not combine these sayings as well?

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The Concept

Nestled in Amsterdam’s beating heart, Mondi emerges as a vibrant oasis, a Caribbean haven amidst the urban sprawl. A culinary symphony of authentic and flavorful dishes, offering a taste of the sun-kissed islands. Within Mondi’s menu, traditional Caribbean delicacies flourish, their essence elevated by a modern twist. From the fiery embrace of jerk chicken to the aromatic dance of coconut infused mussels, every dish transports you to the islands. Plantain fritters, golden and crisp, whisper tales of tropical breezes, while pastechis, a local snack, unveil a harmony of flavors, captivating the senses. Vibrant decor paints the walls in hues of life, the up-beat music weaves a pulsating rhythm, casting a spell that causes many to rise and dance! Mondi, a celestial journey for palates seeking bold explorations, a sanctuary where Caribbean dreams come alive in Amsterdam’s embrace.



Mondi, a gateway to the soul of the Caribbean, endeavors to immerse you in its essence. Like waves in the ocean, music and dance roll through the air. As the sun sets on Wednesdays, surrender to the energetic sound of Juni Juliet, a maestro of the ivories, his voice a captivating and upbeat melody that resonates through Mondi South. And when the weekend beckons, join us on the dance floor, where our resident DJs spin tales of rhythm and beats, bringing the island vibes straight to you. Explore the depths of our website, where hidden treasures await, from Caribbean Nights to the allure of 25+, monthly concepts that transport you to an island. Let Mondi be your guide, as you embark on a journey of music, dance, and the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean that lingers long after the night ends.